As Students we are always learning ,thats why we have build the first Study for life program.This is your life time pass for learning so when ever you study any course at any time with Need to learn and our partnering institution or tutors, we automaticly build up points  for you that give you access to thousands of benifits and rewards globally. We have progrees achievement and subject rewards to Pat you on your back and congratulate you for passing as you go.

For all your further studys chose Need to learn is easy as we are one of the biggest education course providers gobally so if there is anything you want to study and for some reason we dont have it we will get it and add it to your study for lofe rewardss program.

there is a borad range of benfits as a study for life student , you automaticly acessadditional range of free courses, coaching, tuition, VIP access to events, thousands of members only discounts, rewards and incentives as you learn for life.

We manage your learning all the way from toddler to retiree, so if its Your dreams its our platforms.

Store your courses and achievements securely on the Need To Learn cloud.

Simply fill out your details below regarding what you are wanting to study and we'll be in contact.

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