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Our Study for life program gives you constant access to the latest in learning tools, courses and help as well as giving you real rewards for study that can add up quickly for significant benefits and real pathway outcomes throughout your life long study.

You will never need to leave Need tolearn, we provide you a unique Identification for life where you can access amazing benefits and keep and store all your learning.From the time you walk to retire - we are your study for life partner and the more you learn the more you earn.

As one of the world’s largest education platforms we support study and students.

Ranging form infant playgroups to University masters and everything in-between.

We build Sustainable education programs that build bridges for further ongoing development and ongoing career and advancement.

Study for life lets you practice exams, talk to industry professionals to give access to work experienceand jobs, build life long rewards where you can gain enough rewards to hundreds of products and services including computers or telecommunications flights. Even do a degree for partial or totally for free using your life long study for life rewards exclusive to NeedToLearn.

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