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iSwitch is a remarkable new way of learning that allows you to pick and choose subjects and take control of how you want to learn.

iSwitch lets you mix and match and pick a path of study that interests you. Custom learning the way you want to learn. Take control of how you want to learn without putting yourself into a set-box of study.

As an example, you can “iSwitch” from traditional courses with standard accreditations to non-traditional courses then back to set course modules. The advantage is that you learn what you like and we give you additional credits.

We let you mix-and-match education the way you want to learn so if there's something that interests you that's not part of the direct course module, you can switch to that. We give you the ability to mix-n-match, swap and change all whilst receiving credits.

Learn what you want, how you want with Need To Learn. That’s what we're all about, just please just don’t be disruptive in class :-)

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