Globally recognized as the number one language for business, English is more than just a language. Learning English is about critical thinking,cultural thinking and life skills.

Need To Learn offer a wide spectrum of English learning courses, that will not just improve your English language but also grow your cultural awareness that will give you skills to carry with you for life.

We offer general English courses, English for Academic purposes, English Study Tours designed for short holidays and English for teaching. To book your English course now fill out the form below.


IELTS stands for the International English Language Test System. Some of the courses we offer require proven qualifications in your English proficiency.

IELTS, provides the solution for this, as it is recognized as the most popular accredited competency and proficiency test for English.

It is used for immigration requirements, higher education and work and training to evaluate English competency.

Need To Learn offer various IELTS training programs to suit your needs. Book your IELTS course now or contact us to find out more.


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