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Why Work With Us?

Need To Learn is a complete platform for the education sector and related services.

We have expert education agents, award-winning marketing and advertisement gurus, immigration lawyers and leading education specialists in our global network.

We provide sourcing of students to allow for the seamless processing and transitioning to your institution.

From start to finish, Need To Learn is a full end-to-end solution in course development, domestic and international marketing service, administration and student-to-agent booking partner provider for your institution.

For universities, colleges, RTOs and schools, Need To Learn has developed a range of products for the education industry to help the world learn and education providers prosper.

Our partner-products range allows education providers to use tools and platforms that are designed to help them with new and advanced learning concepts.

Approved education providers can upload their courses, news, events such as open days and special offers to a target audience.

We are all about learning and helping our fellow education providers make a difference in the way we all learn and become part of the changing-the-way-we-learn process.

AR/VR and AI

Need To Learn is pushing the future of education and disruptive technology to help mold and develop the future to change the way we learn.

Providing Virtual and Augmented Reality as well as the latest Artificial intelligence technology courses.

What once was traditional classroom or online teaching is now enhanced with a virtual learning experience in real time learning environments.

Our platforms are designed to deploy substantial enterprise systems and calibrated to a job Industry or area for the specific course curriculum. Students learn and train in actual VR job-related environments.

Need To Learn can supply Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality courses for students and also education partner providers as well as custom build VR, AR & AI course material for clients.

DIY Course Builder

For education providers, we have developed ‘build a course application’ where education providers can build their own, choosing bespoke modular customized courses with a complete end-to-end training platforms manual for customized learning.

Simply put your offline course online in an easy-to-use application to grow your institution's offerings.

We offer thousands of courses and partnering institutions, as well as customized online course and distance education courses.

The market can choose from master degrees, degrees, advanced diplomas, certification of recognition or short courses.

Education providers can upload courses to offer as well as make changes in real time. Our DYI education design platform also allows you to custom build your own courses.

We value our partners, and all Premium clients courses sit above other institutions in the course-listing areas.

Education Fairs and Expos

Need To Learn attends both domestic and International fairs and expos on behalf of our educational institutions. We work for our partnering Institutions to provide significant direct exposure and branding throughout the events. We hand out marketing material, interview potential students and process applications.

Uniquely our experienced Education Agents can start the process of processing the student on the spot and provide real-time feedback to our Education providers.

Open Days

Need To Learn career leaders attend schools and colleges regularly as well as open days both locally and nationally in the K-to-12 sectors.

We talk to classes of students as well as arrange multiple students’ visits to selected parenting education institutions for campus visits, giving them a true feel for the institution. We select Education partners' material for the students to read and ask questions on whilst we are there.

Need To Learn attends several prominent career and education expos. We can partner with stands, talk with students, hand out our partners material and take student details that help them transition into further education smoothly.

Buddy Mate

Buddy Mate helps students decide on pathways to study, helps with their application forms and processes for easy transition to further education. We personalize the experience, which helps both student and institution.

Buddy Mate takes the guesswork out of filling out forms, helping new students find and fill out the necessary information, help with accommodation, travel, work and questions they need outside the classroom to make further study a smooth, de-stressed transition. We provide expert advice & guidance and any prerequisites needed for them prior to commencing study. Buddy Mate helps students ease into their next level of learning.

Buddy Mate by Need To Learn…. The Best Education and service to excel in your future

Study Tours

Our Study Tours are designed to help students get a feel from a number of institutions for further study, giving them a one-on-one hands-on experience at an institution to help them make a qualified decision on their future learning. We provide domestic students from local areas as well as group orientation from students from regional and interstate areas.

We also arrange bulk overseas student study and holiday visits, so the groups of students can see institutions as well as seeing all the great things the county has to offer in one trip.

These VIP student orientation programs have proven to have the highest percentage of success for both the student and the institution to come together. Aligning the student with institutions that meet their study and lifestyle is a key factor to a student's happiness and, with the guidance of a correct institution, can help make a student a great success.

Lead Generation

Partnering Education institutions can pay per student lead for the institution's courses. We offer a number of options for education institutions to get more quality student leads to their institution. Contact us at

We offer Search Engine Optimisation from leading SEO experts who have had more than 17 years’ experience in SEO and have worked for some of the largest companies globally to increase their organic search engine optimisation.

We also have photographers, videographers, web and graphic designers, copywriters, content writers, public speakers, event organisers and coordinators to help you achieve your best outcomes.

Contact us below for a tailored marketing plan. 


NutorTutor is like the Uber for tutors; we offer expert tutoring from all over the world that can help students across a wide range of subjects.

We cater for all levels of learning from Kindergarten to Year 12, short-courses and all the way to lecture tutors for MBAs and masters degrees.

We also have a range of teachers in many languages.

Best of all, with our Follow the Sun program, you can find a tutor at any time and anywhere you need.

If you're a teacher, lecturer, industry professional, a stay home parent, disabled or retired person with experience, you can pick the days and times you're available and post your profile with history and availability to a global market. Students can also give comment and rate their help NutorTutor.

At Need To Learn, we want the best in education and services to allow students to excel in their future. We are rewarding those that share our love and passion for learning. If it’s your dreams, it's our Need To Learn platforms.

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