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We have traveled far and wide to bring you  the best Industry leaders,celebrities CEO's ,life coaches,authors ,mentors and journalists with regular subjects and changing talks .Need to learn givens you a front row seat.  

We are proud to introduce to you the Master's where you can listen and learn from world champion athletes, sport's stars, math geniuses, quantum mechanics, photographers master's, Michelin star chefs and iconic master's. 

Here truly inspiring stories and educational talks right from the comfort of your own home,office or on your tablet on the way home from work and school. 

Sign up to here World surfing champion Cheyne Horan talks about becoming a world champion,overcoming adversity,tips for success,life training,taking on 65 foot waves ,near death and his true meaning of life .Exclusive to Need to learn. for limited lucky numbers Need to learn can also arrange one on one surf coaching with the great world champion himself. Tune in for the 4th of October 2018 exclusively here. 


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