Need To Learn is changing the way we learn and partnering with cutting-edge companies from IT, gaming, Research Centres and innovation hubs to help us push technology into a better study and learning outcomes for the market.

Our aim is simple: make learning both easy and a pleasure for a student to study.

Need To Learn has developed our own product that will help you not only when you study, but also in your day-to-day life where we have developed apps and tools below you can access and download for free.

AR, VR and AI, allowing disruptive course learning on our platform. Helping mold and develop learning to change the way we learn into the future.

EduStore: Having course notes, previous exams and tests stored online in the cloud.

iSwitch: The ability to mix and match courses to suit your required outcome giving you the chance to achieve your personal academic goal.

Buddy Mate: Your personal helper to assist you in getting everything in place & submitted to start studying and, whilst you're studying, access to products and services you need ongoing. 

D.I.Y. Bespoke modular courses: The ability for students to build one’s own course and mix-n-match areas interest within the framework to design a course with the flexibility that is in line with your interests and less structured than the past. Students can take subject modules and build their own course as they go, taking the subject modules to form particular subject courses. This enables students to customize their own learning experience.

Sklyacan: The worlds first video-to-video pairing and messaging service!

NutorTutor: Global reaching Tutors across a wide range of subjects & skill levels. NutorTutor is like the Uber for tutors: access tutors from a wide range of industry and gets you access to on-demand tutors and mentors when you need it. When you need a tutor, Nutor it!


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