BuddyMate Student Support

BuddyMate is a global student support service where your Need To Learn support Buddymate does everything for you to help you get started, from booking a course, accommodation, travel, insurance and all services that students require.

Study and Career Advice

BuddyMate also helps students decide on pathways to study. Our experienced career advisers give career and study guidance.

We start the process of student enrolment with our BuddyMate program and all the way to enrolment for a seamless transition for students.

We personalize the experience, which helps both students and institution.

BuddyMate takes the guesswork out of filling out forms helping new students find and fill out the necessary information, from accommodation, travel, work, and questions they need outside of the classroom to make studying a smooth, de-stressed transition.

We provide expert advice, guidance and any prerequisites needed for studying prior to commencing study.

BuddyMate help students ease into their next level of learning.

BuddyMate by Need To Learn…. The Best Education and service to excel in your future.


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