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North Island
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In 1956 a handful of Hamiltonian locals decided they wanted their own university. It seemed reasonable. New Zealand had four universities that had been established in the main centres since the end of last century.

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Located in New Zealand?s North Island, the University of Waikato is ranked among theworld?s top 1.1% of universities. The University has campuses inHamilton and Tauranga, and offers qualifications in abroad range of subjects ?10 of which are recognised as being in the top 200 of their kind in the world. The University has internationallyrecognised research capabilities and facilities across numerousdisciplines. It delivers innovative and pioneering research and is successfulin transferring its knowledge to business and government sectors. TheUniversity partners with industry, government, and other educationalinstitutions, and continues to develop new research partnerships. Whether a school leaver, postgraduate student, or adultstudent, the University of Waikato offers hundreds of scholarship and grantopportunities, enabling accessible education for all students. Many of itsprogrammes provide the opportunity for students to participate in practicallearning and internships with a clear focus on preparing industry-readygraduates. The University has a student population of more than 12,500,including almost 2000 international students from more than 70 countries. Atthe main campus in Hamilton, students have access to on-and off-campus accommodationoptions, cafes, health services, an award-winning student centre, gym, aswimming pool and the GallagherAcademy of Performing Arts, all on 65 hectares of park-like grounds withaccess to regular public transport. There is also a satellite campus inTauranga, a shared space with a partnering institution, but the University isalso building its own state-of-the-art campus in the heart of the coastal city.Both cities are great places to be a student, with a vibrant and welcomingstudent culture, many recreational activities to enjoy and amongst thestrongest economic centres in the country. Hamilton is only a 1.5 hour drivefrom New Zealand?s largest city, Auckland, and is central to many other NorthIsland towns and beaches.





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