NTL offers a broad range of resources, products and services for students and Institutions. Degrees to short courses, overseas immigration assistance, tutors, and accommodation services through to jobs in one easy to use portal. Scroll through areas of the site to find what your looking for. Here are some areas of interest we offer below to help:


You’ve completed your basic studies and now looking to expand your knowledge in your chosen field, well done. You can use NTL to access a wide range of university degrees to suit the market you wish to get into by giving you direct access to leading universities and colleges at the best price. You can also get access to our scholarship programs to see if you are eligible for a scholarship or partial scholarship with your degree.

Additionally, NTL offers our degree rewards program which gives you a range of additional rewards for booking your degree with NTL. The more you study the more you earn, just another reason that NTL is changing the a we learn.


If you’re after a diploma, we have an easy three-step enquiry to get you started as well as our best price and rewards to make sure your getting the best out of your study. You maybe looking for bridging courses to cement your position in vocational higher education or a certificate to get you into a job role. You can chose from entrance level diplomas to advanced diplomas which will boost ratings to ensure you continue your dreams possibly a university course or career.

Short Courses

Short courses offer both flexibility and are a great way to go if you want to cut the waiting list and begin working on your career or enhance your skills. Our list of partners accredited short courses ensure that you receive your certificate in a wide range of courses with flexibility to gain skills and experience.

Distance Education

Distance education course programs give you flexibility to study remotely, so you can study where ever you are .You can participate in all the education material that was in the past limited to students on-campus whilst having teaching and lecture support as required to help you with your course studies.


We know that sometimes being on campus may not be suitable to the daily challenges of life, family and work. Online study solutions ensure you can study either in real-time or access course content from personalized portals. Find out more by visiting course outline or alternatively contacting one of our expert career advisors.

VR and AR

Uniquely NTL is assisting education in institutions evolve into virtual reality and augmented reality courses, training and education by partnering with leading developers allowing them to offer and provide VR and AR courses. We can build, supply and convert much of the course training required for education providers to increase their courses and keep them in touch with the market.