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go to nend to learn and click the login/signup blue bottom on the very top right hand corner 

Add your details in the Universtieswe  section with your details and password.

 We have also prepaied a vidoe for instructions here

Registering as a Partner.


How to upload your Institutions course and information


Once done ,you can to view or edit  your courses here is the video guide to help.


For any more queries call or email one of our expert advisors at any time.


Review and update replacement certificates on your personalized interface or alternatively contact one of the expert advisors for queries regarding your current academic records and/or replacement certificates.

Ans: Join the thousands of students which have recognized the simplicity of having NeedToLearn as a online platform to easily access their educational requirements.

All courses content is outlined in our NeedToLearn Affiliates Manual and Fees and Payment Guides. Please contact our expert advisors, which will be available at anytime with someone to speak your native tongue and respond immediately to your requests. Please contact our expert advisors, which will be available at anytime with someone to speak your native tongue and respond immediately to your requests.

Ans: NeedToLearn continues to offer through our affiliated partners higher education degrees, diplomas, short-courses, distance education, online, VR and AR accreditions.
Ans: We recommend that you have your 100 points of I.D and Student I.D. before contacting a professor /teacher or the educational facility directly.

In most cases if you are offering more than above a basic certificate of completion to send to students, you will need to confirm the countries standards and basic course accreditation isuniform.

Subjects like maths and science are globally accepted but more integrated complex courses will need to be recognised by the country and Education accredited bodies.All courses through NeedToLearn is legally and independently run and will have relevant recognised outcomes as per the course listing and outcome. Check overseas course accreditations and assorted bodies for course guidelines for application for acceptance .

Ans: NeedToLearn offers all students in a number of payment options depending on their choice of course. Please refer to the Fees Information course of each section.

Your Timetable will be given to you at your orientation date as stated in your Letter of offer. Time tables change generally at each semester so its important you request your course time table from your institution provider in advance to make sure you don’t miss classes exams. Students are responsible for their attendance and course attendance.


By getting a student visa which will enable you to study in Australia. You will need to supply several pieces of information required by the government as well as the Education institution, which may vary. We offer a free student service for enrolments so please fell free to contact Need to learn Education offices on study@needtolearn.com.au

Ans: Visit the Departement of Immigration and citizenship website: for further information on how to get a student visa. Alternatively you can speak to one of our respresentatives for more advice.

Visit the Department of Immigration and citizenship website: for further information on how to get a student visa. Alternatively you can speak to one of our representative’s for more advice on study@needtolearn.com.au


Tuition fees must be paid before commencement dates. If you require financial assistance we have study options fro some approved students otherwise each institution will have its payment requirement, which will vary from institution. For more information on course outline please refer to our Fees sections of each course or alternatively contact your local NeedToLearn agent. On study@needtolearn.com.au


As a student we will work with you to our best ability to get you into your preferred course .In the event you visa is not approved or you are not accepted then you will have funds returned some institutions vary but most will give back full funds less administration fees

Please refer to the Refund Policy, and if you book with Needtolearn we will set this out in your application for easy reference.

Ans: You should notify one of our friendly staff immediately and complete the Deferral form. If you do not contact facility, we will assume that you are not enrolling and cancel your certificate of enrolment. This will lead to your student visa being subject to cancelation.

Need to lean offers a full list of student support services that are available for NeedToLearn students, please contact us for any support you need and our friendly staff will assist you on study@needtolearn.com.au


Yes. You must have your OSHC for the entire duration of your studies in Australia. You should also check your visa requirements for the duration of the OHSC. Please refer to: www.immi.gov.au


Please refer to our Job Board, to match yourself to a role or suitable employer.You can also send your resume to us an jobs@needtolearn and our carrier staff will forward your résumé onto our job providers ,please add what roles your interest in doing  For any further enquiries about work and study Feel free to contact NeedToLearn to speak to one of our representatives at any time on study@needtolearn.com.au


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