D.I.Y. e-Learning  Course Development

Course Development

Our NeedToLearn  course development platform allows you to create your own customized learning courses and includes a D.I.Y. tool-set for customers to develop in-house learning through the portal and our apps

  • Need to learn has a D.I.Y. course development and delivery platform that enables institutions, training providers and corporate clients to build their own course and training platforms.
  • We have a complete content management system (CMS) - a platform for users to create their own in-house training material, courses or subjects.
  • Additionally we can offer a learner management system (LMS) - a platform to manage students who will need to access these courses (course enrolment, student tracking, assessment outcomes).
  • If your looking for more information or a bespoke course build we can and want to help.
  • Please fell free to contact us at enquires@needtolearn.com.au and one of our friendly staff will get in touch with you

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