Teaching Abroad 

Teaching abroad can be one of the most exciting meaningful career advancements. The beauty of   discovering  a new country and culture whilst also making new friends.

You as a teacher help to educate and pass on your knowledge. Best of all you’re getting paid to do it in an overseas country.  

“HOW DO YOU MEET THE REQUIREMENTS”, Is the most commonly asked question?

Different teaching opportunities abroad have different requirements so it pays to research specific requirements in the country you want to teach in.

Most commonly, countries will require you to have a work visa in order to teach English; however you may be able to work with a tourist visa. Additionally in some cases you don’t need a degree so it is possible to teach abroad without a college degree depending in the course, country and type of education. Expertise, experience and knowledge is always and advantage so its wise to ask what’s required in each case to avoid being let down.

In some countries you may need a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certificate to teach English. Some countries don’t and some may require you to sit a competency test or exam prior.

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