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NeedToLearn opens the door to endless learning opportunities. Access a large network of courses and learning experiences through an easy to use portal and receive the most competitive prices, offers and rewards as well as access to expert tutors in one area.

NeedToLearn provides a comprehensive range of courses from University degrees, diplomas, short courses, online and distance education from leading universities, colleges, training and corporate providers to kindergarten and year twelve institutions (K-12) .You can also access our “Nutor Tutor” service and get expert help when you need it. Students and parents can not only can select courses but receive student rewards via our student rewards program, so the more you learn, the more you earn.

Use our Course Catalogue Platform that gives you the ability to browse hundred’s of courses and participating learning institutions from one central search platform. Research and make the best-informed decision on your studies.

We have a virtual and augmented reality section for new learning experiences to enhance and improve the way you learn.

 So if it’s your dreams it’s our platforms.The best in education and services will allow to excel in your future.

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