NeedToLearn offers both online and offline marketing, agents and student bookings for education institutions.  We provide guaranteed student lead services for premier partners.

Institutions can promote and take control of their listing including, courses, promotions, open days and ongoing marketing direct to a captive market in real time to put education in touch with students.

We offer self managed options from:

Account set up – Provision of a university college or training provider individual account (the account has control options and personal institution offerings within the education instructions own dedicated portal).

Institution Course Catalogue Platform – This enables Institutions the ability to upload course and study catalogues of all participating learning institutions from one central search platform.

Unified Enrolment – Users can enrol on any course/program listed through the single NeedToLearn enrolment function and pay on line or submit all required information to the institution.

Consolidated Learning Records – All training undertaken through the portal is tracked and recorded against the user account (company or personal).

Local domestic education fair exhibitions and school open day attendance –

We attend and represent, universities, colleges and registered training institutions at a number of key student events, fairs, exhibitions and school open days on behalf of our partners handing out institution information and singing up interested students.

Overseas education fairs and exhibitions-

We attend key International fairs, exhibitions on behalf of universities, colleges and registered training institutions, handing out information and providing agent services for students to our partnering providers.

Ongoing lead generation and targeted marketing programs

NeeedtoLearn staffs are experts in media, marketing, SEO, lead provision, advertising, newsletter writing, graphic design, student agents, immigration and creative. We can help your instution in many ways and have many years experience in the above field as well as the Education industry

DIY learning platform

We have a DIY learning platform which enables institutions to build their own course complete with areas of course modules to ecommerce and testing. Please refer to our DIY learning section.

Virtual reality and Augmented reality customised platforms

We can custom develop and build your education course using virtual reality and augmented reality software. This enables the latest technologies to enhance the learning experiences of your students. Please refer to our AR or VR section or email us at


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