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NeedToLearn developers along with our education partners are at the forefront of technology. This evolution of changing the way we learn will enable faster more complete learning via new courses and platforms.

This also has a significant benefit for students with learning disabilities to learn and compete in the real life real time environment which may not have been possible in the past.

We offer Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) courses as well as offering DIY course building software. We are assisting education institutions and company’s evolve into VR, AR training and education .Our partner programs enables us to offer VR and AR courses as well as to custom build. We also supply and convert much of the course training required for education providers to increase their number of courses and keep them in touch with the market. 

NeedToLearn also has a student blog and live teacher lecture events where you can ask questions solve your problems or share some ideas and innovations with top people in your field of study. NeedToLearn will showcase regular leading professionals on our platform, as well as some famous faces from time to time: so keep tuned in to see who’s coming up and with whom you can connect with or just listen into.

We also have the Nutor Tutors where you can select from a tutor anywhere in the world with in to help you select a course or subject you need help with. You can view top tutors and view their ratings by clicking NUTO TUTOR area on the home page to view more information or to get started.

NeedToLearn is also implementing a unique rating system that enable’s the market to view ratings on universities colleges and training providers to make an informed decision on your education.

Our goal is to enhance the overall performance of students and education. It’s just another way NeedToLearn is helping “Your dreams, on our platforms”.

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