Study Rewards Program

Study Rewards Program

At  NeedToLearn we are paving the way for rewards programs for students.

To put it simply “Study More, Earn More”.

We have all heard of points accumulated such as air miles or for being a frequent flyer well we're doing it for education. We love it & we know you'll love it too. We want to help you and others learn so as you do, you gain reward points for our course subjects. Every course rewards you with points; from short courses, self help courses all the way to degrees. So the smarter you get the better you financial bottom line is with our exclusive first Student "Selector Points" rewards program.

We connect to hundreds of corporate companies where you can use your student rewards to redeem products across hundreds of industries and product’s including, telecommunications, Computers, flights accommodation, food, travel, clothing and textiles, car hire, restaurants, white goods, furniture, even education.

Simply choose a course from a NTL and sign up to our "Selector" rewards program at the same time. Every time you learn you earn ! Click here to register as a student. Click here


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