Sun Program

Sun Program

Launching our student help call-to-action centre which connects students to our call centre in your native tongue globally in real-time.

NTL is providing a state-of-the-art programme, which has broken down social barriers of language and time-zones.

This innovative programme named Follow The Sun, allows students to connect with a live call centre in their native language or they can simply go to our NTL language area at the top of the Need To Learn site and click on their native language tab on the top home page and all of NTLs pages will appear in their native language .You can either call us or go on our site to get an insight on Campus and Course content in order to make the most informed decisions.

Now students have a place where they can at anytime have all queries answered in their native tongue!

Go to the top page of Need To Learn language drop down box to find your nationality or email or call Sydney Head Office on (02) 9894 4878.


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