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Kindergarten to year twelve

Kindergarten to year twelve

Private schools, colleges and kindergartens can often be daunting.

They can also be difficult and without proper planning may be hard to get your child or loved one enrolled.

  • With increasing waiting lists and rising costs in education time and proper pre planning are always advised. Correct prepration keeps you from missing out being rejected or disappointed.
  • As well as a range of qualified vetted partnering tutors and mentors we offer a K to 12 student help line program for parents both domestically and overseas. So if your looking to enrol your student in private colleges or selective school we can help.
  • If your child or loved one has a disability or special need NeedToLearn can help with most of your concerns.
  • Please send us an email with your request. If you have a preference of school or special requirement call us. If you're moving to and need help or advice on a school or college that maysuit your requirements call us.
  • Please send your enquiry to kto12@needtolearn.com.au