Engineering is a broad term for a diverse range of applications across industries and as such there is a wide range of course and degrees available.

We offer many courses including: civil, mechanical, management, electrical, geotechnical, computer, environmental, architectural, bio, chemical, project management as well as many subcategories which opens a wide range of choice and a world of opportunities for you to study

Engineering is one of the fastest growing, highly sort after and well-paid professions.

We have hundred’s of courses from hundred’s of universities, college’s and registered training providers, we can also offer scholarship’s and special offers to get you the best start at the best price guaranteed for your studies.

To apply or enquire about studying for an engineering course simply click below to register .You many wish to add your top three-preference course providers or subjects as an option. Any prior learning certificates or work achievement’s for recognition of prior learning will also help us to get you into a course asap, or click here or call  us on 02 9894 4878.


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