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Need To Learn is one of the words largest education networks offering the best in education and services at the best price.

With over 1,500,000 links,over 70,000 courses and the most scholarships,offers and rewards available in one place,were here to help.We offer everything in Education from the best products and services to help you excel in your future. Access University degrees,short courses,Kindergarten to year Twelve (K-12),Virtual reality and mix and match your own subjects to form your own course  and credits.The need to learn advantage is you study exactly the the same courses from the same institution at the best price whist having our study for life rewards and benefits so the more you learn, the more you earn. Were constantly updating new courses ,special offers ,exclusive scholarships,free apps and products to help students get the best outcomes and solutions for their individual needs.

With over 50 years of combined experience our industry experts have know students and education like no other from running Education institutions,managing and placing overseas and local students, providing years of corporate training  E learning and multi award winners in media and direct adverting .We know education and marketing inside and out and how to help students access courses and find the best matched Education providers quickly and seamlessly.   

Our history,we have partnered with some of the largest media providers and publishers globally  which had the "Need brands"  .We perviously built some of the largest education portals in Australia and was the Education and Training link across Fairfax’s F2 sites and later the Education tertiary and  corporate Training directory areas across News limited for both of the publishers online mastheads ,which became one of the leading Education portals in Australia and the Asia pack region.

We have helped students for decades and also worked to help underprivileged youth as founding member of Solve poverty and the glow centers which provide free education and jobs and support to thousands of underprivileged. We also introduced one of the first click and give and social media cause related marketing networks. For many years we  have attend Education fairs and expos on behalf of hundreds of education Institution’s ,offer open days study tours,direct student leads and  placements, Education and immigration services, targeted media and advertising tours  and job placement outcomes  to help institutions grow and student excel. 

Need to learn and our partnering networks have now combined and built the state of the art platform allowing students to easily access the best in education at the best prices under one area and take the guesswork out of studying and for education institutions to access students, the market and take control of their promotions, media, advertising and courses offerings.

Need to learn also works as the marketing partner for traditional events such as careers expos and education expos, open days as well as cross-media and adverting as a total marketing and student service for education.

Our compare the market areas let you see course provider reviews and access the most competitive courses to make a more informed decision in order to get the best outcomes in real time. For everything in Education its Need to learn. The best in Education and services to help you excel in your future.



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